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the UP series

Waking UP

(aka Waking Moment

(UK 2021, 4k digital,
5 minutes)

Waking, Rising, Opening,
Hearing, Listening, Touching, Feeling, Looking, Seeing,
Coordinating, Life-Death.

"A wise way to waste five minutes"
- Satori Ubu
Walking UP

(aka 'e sat or 'e dizn't

(UK 2021, 4k digital,
10 minutes)

Sitting, Walking, Breathing,
To the power of zen
Or any number you like...

"Ten minutes well-wasted"
- Ubu Satori

Festival de Marbella (Official Selection: Best Director, Best Cinematography  )
Festival de Marbella (Official Selection: Experimental )
Amsterdam Short Film Festival (Official Selection: Best Experimental )
Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival (Official Selection: Experimental Short Film )
Dubai Festival (Honorable Mention, Best Experimental Short Film)
Flowing UP

(aka Flowing Mountains

(UK 2021, 4k digital,
4 minutes)

A colourful wake-up slap on the face
Reveals an unexpected unity.
One Yes Won.

"About right"
- Myogo Honi Amida

Amsterdam Short Film Festival (Official Selection: Best Experimental )
Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival (Best Director: Experimental Short Film);
Sensing UP

(aka Tasting Sounds all Look the same Smell

(UK 2022, 4k digital,
5 minutes)

To think a flower is to see it and smell it
And to eat a fruit is to know its meaning.
- Alberto Caeiro

"Messes with your senses"
- Fernando Pessoa

Lighting UP

(UK 2021, 4k digital,
5 minutes)

The secret life of inanimate objects

- Euclid Cone

"On reflection, it’s definitely my plaice"
- Mickey

Amsterdam Short Film Festival
Buenos Aires Indie Shorts Awards ( Finalist: Short Film (Experimental )
Dubai Festival (Award Winner, Best Short Film Under 5min)
Tuning UP

(UK 2022, 4k digital,
2 minutes)

Sound becomes picture 
Picture becomes sound

"Sounds suspicious"
- Middle C

"A sequel to 'Lighting Up' (5 minutes), this is mercifully shorter, yet equally useless, mindless, pointless and senseless"
- Resounding Fork

ABSURD FILM FESTIVAL: Honorable Mention: BEST Stanley Kubrick
Speak UP

(UK 2022, 4k digital,
4 minutes)

In the home of democracy, on the eve of invasion, saints wander the square, all beings count equally, flying free as birds, a fountain applauds and an orange performs a miracle.

"Not guerrilla war reporting”
- Kate Adie, BBC, Ukraine

Going UP

(UK 2022, 4k digital,
5 minutes)

A crippling traverse through an airport results in a transcendental elevation

"Left me in the clouds"
- Anatta

"It's no alternative to using your own legs"
- M. Crutch

"Another senseless addition to the series of UP films"
- A Grouch

Time UP

(UK 2022, 4k digital,
4 minutes)

Sun and shade invoke one another,
reckoning intervals breathed in timeless universes
(or words to that effect).

"Left me hungry for hours”
- Wolf Zeit

"A shade too short”
- Connor Trast

Mount UP

(UK 2022, 4k digital,
5 minutes)

("Straight No Chaser"
by Thelonious Monk,
performed by
La Dame Endormie Collectif

Bikers and cicadas jazz-up Mont Sainte-Victoire until a spider brings everything down to earth. Straight up.

"As simple as A B C: Aix Be-bop Cezanne"
- Chi Cada

"An obscenity perpetrated by a halfwit"
- Optico Basoreli

Clearing UP

(UK 2022, 4k digital,
5 minutes)

Weather, waste, removals and fanfares clear the way to a bright future...

"It starts out damp but soon warms up”
- Dick Farenheit

"More tree felling than story telling”
- Lone Pine

Meeting UP

(UK 2023, 4k digital,
19 minutes)

Meetings are essential to the self and society -animal and human.
Ritual permeates, celebrates, witnesses, defines and demonstrates.
Death is also a meeting; our final departure, an encounter, a new arrival.

“I had to leave for a meeting” - Incarnation Times

“Repetitious” - C R E Moany, Circles Quarterly

“I didn’t know whether I was coming or going” - The Malaisian Encounter

Looka UP

(UK 2023, 4k digital,
5 minutes)

A timeless traverse, an ancient ambulation,
within the impenetrable walls of labyrinthine Lucca

"Had me going round in circles”
- Andiamo Vico




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